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Meat Snacks - A US Favorite Going Global?

(lifePR) (RE Duiven, ) The US salty snacks market is the largest and one of the most diverse in the world, encompassing some types of product that may not be included in the bagged snacks category in other countries and/or may be relatively undeveloped and limited in scope. Meat snacks are a good example of this, with Innova Market Insights data indicating that launch numbers remain relatively small in terms of snacks introductions as a whole, with just over 5% of the global total in the 12 months to the end of June 2012. This is up from less than 3% five years ago, however, and reflects not only growing sales in more established markets, but also greater penetration in more non-traditional markets such as some of those in Europe.

The US has the largest meat snacks market in the world and it is dominated by jerky-style products which, despite their relative maturity, have seen good growth in recent years. This comes as a result of manufacturers updating their ranges to focus on a healthier image, more convenient packaging formats and a greater choice of flavor options, particularly hot and spicy variants. Innova Market Insights recorded that 18% of global meat snacks launches were positioned on a health platform of some kind, but this rises to 40% in Europe and to 75% in the US, showing the greater emphasis being placed on health benefits in the more developed markets. The most popular health claims concerned naturalness and the absence of artificial additives and preservatives, used on 12% of launches globally, rising to 58% in the US.

In Europe, the meat snacks market is much more limited, with products tending to be thought of as meat products rather than bagged snacks. The most popular lines tend to be salami-style sausage products, rather than dried snacks such as jerky and biltong. Germany has the largest market, reflecting its traditional love of wurst and salami-style sausages, although jerky-style products are also increasingly popular, with the US jerky market leader, Jack Links, having its European base in Germany. The meat snacks market is dominated by Unilever's BiFi mini salami snack brand, which is celebrating its 40th birthday in 2012 with a number of initiatives, including a special limited edition BiFi HOT variant. It is also featured in a co-branded launch with German snacks market leader Intersnack, which is introducing a BiFi limited edition flavor variant under its market-leading Chio potato chips brand in the autumn of 2012.

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