Montag, 22. Mai 2017

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Stamp Pads - practical, elegant promotional products

(lifePR) (Fischbach, ) Stamp pads are - such as stamps - an essential part of the daily office life.A must-have on every desk. Rigoni Stamp Pads convince through the quality of the pad material. A guarantee for highest colour intensity and imprint quality, as well as conventional ten thousands of perfect stamp imprints.

A further advantage is that the pads are suitable for rubber- as well as polymer stamps and are re-inkable with ink colour at any time. The shapely light cover offers great printing areas inside and outside, precious promotion for big and highly visible advertising messages.Standard design: Base part and cover in anthracite, black stamp ink.Two sizes are deliverable: Micro 2, 70 x 110 mm and Micro 1, 50 x 90 mm.The special designs from 2.000 pcs offer: Cover in special colour, blue, red, purple, green stamp ink.Stamp Pads offer ideal possibilities for ci-conform promotion.

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