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MT6 & MT7

Controlled with a finger tip.

The successful disc brake models MAGURA MT6 and MT7 which earned accolades in various tests get an optical and technical upgrade.

From autumn 2017 on, the swabian manufacturer will sell the MT6 and MT7 with the great 1-finger-lever HC. The HC allows great modulation, power control and is adjustable in many ways. Reach adjust and bite adjust

(MT7) can be regulated without even touching a tool. Just turn the onboard controls and the lever comes closer to the handlebar. The pressure point of the brake pads should be right after touching the lever? Not a problem. Just turn the adjuster with your fingers for the desired setting. Your individual settings will make your ride more comfortable and will enhance safety, even on the roughest trail. The HC gives you control at your finger tip.

Weight 225 g
Master Carbotecture SL®
Lever blade 1-finger HC, hollow aluminum
Reach adjust toolless
Pistons 2
RRP 179,90 €

Weight 255 g
Master Carbotecture SL®
Lever blade 1-finger HC, hollow aluminum
Reach adjust toolless
Bite adjust toolless
Pistons 4
RRP 219,90 €

Storm SL.2

Performance made light

Weight weenies will drool over the newly released MAGURA rotors named Storm SL.2.

XC riders who are happy with a 160 mm-disc can expect 100 grams for the smallest version. Also the 180 mm, perfect for enduro and heavier pilots, weighs only 118 g and delivers exceptional brake power and performance, when combined with the MAGURA brake pads. With a RRP of 35.- Euro the Storm SL.2 is the perfect tuning part for your MAGURA equipped mountainbike.

NeW NeopreNE Cover


MAGURA, the Swabian brake specialist, designed neoprene covers for relevant components of the German leading manufacturer of electric bicycle parts, BOSCH. The covers made of neoprene fit snuggly on the BOSCH frame battery.

There is also a version for the carrier rack battery. While it is raining cats and dogs or temperatures are nearing zero Celsius the covers will help to keep the energy longer in the battery. Also the main part of your e-bike can be protected from mud, rain and impacts through stones: MAGURA offers a neoprene cover for mid-mount e-motors which saves you time for cleaning your machine. Winter time is only 10 weeks away. Remember then, MAGURA said you will be covered.

Gustav Magenwirth GmbH & Co. KG

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