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State-of-the-art technology combined with environmentally compatible construction methods

opening of the new Galexis distribution centre in Niederbipp

Bern, (lifePR) - The weekend of 5 to 7 September 2008 Galexis will officially open its new distribution centre in Niederbipp (canton of Berne) accompanied by various celebrations and in the presence of Federal President Pascal Couchepin. The guest list includes politicians and business people as well as representatives of authorities and associations, customers, suppliers and Galenica employees. A total of around 5,000 visitors are expected.

Investment for the new distribution centre amounts to around CHF 85.0 million. It is a clear statement of the Galenica Group's commitment to its traditional pillar of pharma distribution, and reinforces its intention to consolidate its role as a leading provider of pharma logistics in Switzerland. The distribution centre combines state-of-the-art technology with environmentally compatible construction methods and, thanks to the optimisation of infrastructure and processes, represents a convincing solution to the steadily increasing cost pressure in the healthcare market. It allows Galexis to respond even more effectively to the needs of its customers, and to offer tailored logistics solutions at competitive prices.

One of the largest state-of-the-art pharma distribution centres in Europe The Galenica Group has invested around CHF 85.0 million in the new Galexis distribution centre. It has taken around one and a half years to build what is now one of the most modern and productive logistics and service centres in the pharma sector in Europe. The centre enables Galexis to offer high delivery accuracy to its customers in German-speaking Switzerland as well as to develop innovative services for the market. Galexis Ltd. is also now based in Niederbipp.

The total building area is 29,000 m2, of which 12,000 m2 serve as storage. 42,000 different articles are currently stored, a total of 100,000 storage spaces are available. The remaining area is divided into shipping, incoming goods and offices. The total length of the material handling systems adds up to 5.2 km ; over 100 km of cable ensures problem-free transfer of data. State-of-the-art IT and a 65-70%

level of automation (previously 30-35%) guarantee one of the highest standards of logistics in Europe.

More than 500 employees (around 400 full-time equivalents) ensure that operations run smoothly 365 days a year. Thanks to a land reserve of 50,000 m2, Galexis is also equipped for further expansion.

Minergie standard The buildings were constructed with the Minergie standard and guarantee economic use of energy. A low-energy gas boiler with a heating input of 1,400 kW has been installed for heating purposes. In addition, approximately 150,000 kWh of energy are recovered per annum by heat recovery equipment, which equates to the heating consumption of 10 single-family homes. A hygiene ventilation system was installed in the offices section, supplying 16,000 m3/h of fresh air. Ground water extracted from a depth of 35 m is used for heat recovery and cooling.

Central location - ideal transport links Niederbipp is located in the border region between the Jura and the Bernese Midland which means it has ideal transport links in terms of both railway and motorway connections. All larger urban and regional centres of German-speaking Switzerland can be reached within an hour. Customers in Western Switzerland will continue to be supplied from the Galexis distribution centre in Lausanne- Ecublens and customers in Ticino will be served by Unione Farmaceutica Distribuzione.

A test phase started in July, during which the first customers were supplied from Niederbipp. All activities are now gradually being transferred from the Zurich-Schlieren and Berne-Schönbühl locations to Niederbipp. The buildings in Schönbühl and Schlieren are up for sale respectively for rent.

Niederbipp offers more than logistics The distribution centre in Niederbipp allows Galexis to offer services that go far beyond logistics. For example, it also includes facilities such as a training centre for all customers, which offers a whole host of various training courses ranging from product training to network technology. In addition a part of the range of medicinal products (technical equipment, consumable, etc.) is displayed in Niederbipp.

Clear commitment to the core business The new distribution centre in Niederbipp is a clear statement of the Galenica Group's commitment to its traditional core business of pharma distribution. It is also a logical response to the steadily rising cost pressure in the Swiss healthcare industry, and represents an important strategic step in light of future challenges. It will enable Galexis to respond rapidly to changes in the customer base and to fulfil new customer requirements. Galexis will also develop new logistics models at the new location, so as to offer its customers tailored solutions thereby strengthening their position in the market.

Galenica's Logistics business sector comprises the companies Galexis, Unione Farmaceutica Distribuzione, Alloga and G-Pharma. In 2007, Logistics reported sales of CHF 1,975.9 million and an operating result of CHF 19.4 million. In the first half of 2008, the business sector, with its 1,257 employees, generated sales of CHF 1,010.8 million and an operating result of CHF 13.3 million.

OPENING CEREMONY The weekend of 5 to 7 September 2008 Galenica and Galexis will celebrate the official opening of the new distribution centre in Niederbipp with various events: the guest list includes politicians and business people as well as representatives of authorities and associations, customers, suppliers and Galenica employees. A total of around 5,000 visitors are expected.

Friday, 5 September 2008 Opening ceremony for guests from the worlds of politics and business as well as representatives of authorities and associations, in the presence of Federal President Pascal Couchepin and Executive Council member Andreas Rickenbacher Saturday, 6 September 2008 Opening ceremony for customers and suppliers of Galexis Sunday, 7 September 2008 Opening ceremony for all Galenica Group employees and their relatives from Switzerland

As the leading pharma wholesaler in Switzerland, Galexis ensures the prompt supply of all its healthcare partners throughout the country. The company supplies pharmacies, doctors, drugstores, and hospitals with over 65,000 different healthcare products.

Additional information on Galexis can be found at

Galenica AG

Galenica is a diversified group active throughout the healthcare market which, among other things, develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products, runs pharmacies, provides logistical and database services and sets up networks. The Galenica Group enjoys a leading position in all its business sectors - Pharma, Logistics, HealthCare Information and Retail. A large part of the Group's income is generated by international operations.

Additional information on the Galenica Group can be found at

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