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Increased performance in 5 steps from 520 hp to 720 hp - the G-POWER BMW M3 V8 E9X supercharger systems

Aresing/ Ot. Autenzell, (lifePR) - It has been three years now, since BMW introduced the new M3 respectively M4. But still a tremendous fan base is strictly loyal to the BMW M3 E9X. This phenomenon is mainly based on the S65 V8 engine, on of the last representatives of BMW’s legendary high-revving engine concept.

That is the reason why many M3 V8 owners save the money that it takes to buy a new M3/M4 and invest the spare budget in a performance upgrade for their dream car.

Though the marked is flooded with performance promises, for true M3 enthusiasts there is just one alternative: the innovative supercharger systems from G-POWER! They offer verifiable and superior performance in combination with instant throttle response and eager revving until red line.

With a broad range from “mild to wild”, G-POWER offers you nor less than 5 performance upgrades for you to choose:

• SK I: 520 hp (382 kW)/ 500 Nm – plus 100 hp – starting at 5.999.- €

• SK II: 600 hp (441 kW)/ 570 Nm – plus 180 hp – starting at 7.999.- €

• SK II CS: 630 hp (463 kW)/ 590 Nm – plus 210 hp – starting at 8.999.- €

• SK III RS: 680 hp (500 kW)/ 620 Nm – plus 260 hp – starting at 24.999.- €

• SK III RR: 720 hp (529 kW)/ 650 Nm – plus 300 hp – starting at 39.950.- €
(incl. displacement upgrade to 4.5l)

A thrilling youtube video of a M3 with G-POWER supercharger system can be seen under the following link:

You are spoiled for choice which performance stage might be the right one for you? No problem, G-POWER makes the decision easy. Thanks to the intelligent modular system of the G-POWER supercharger systems, you can start “low” and then go “high” step by step, since all G-POWER supercharger systems are completely upgradeable from the basic kit until the “all-in” stage.

With this broad range, G-POWER is now offering a suitable power output enhancement for the legendary high-rev BMW V8 engine for any kind of demand. From the cost-effective SK I system, to the high-end SK III and SK III RR system that showcases what is technically feasible – at G-POWER every BMW M3 V8 enthusiast finds the right solution for his needs.

Further details concerning the G-POWER performance products for the BMW M3 E9X are listed in our online shop:

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