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The Vincent van Gogh and Walt Disney Collection

(lifePR) (Berlin, ) Mikko Ijäs (born in Jyväskylä, Finland in 1978) is a Doctor of Arts student in the University of Arts and Design Helsinki, where he got a Masters of Arts degree in visual culture in 2006. Ijäs's artworks are in several collections and have been shown in several private and group shows in Finland and abroad. Lately his work has been shown in Mänttä Art Festival and Kerava Art Museum (2007). Ijäs's exhibition in ANYWAY Gallery Berlin is his first solo-show outside Finland. Ijäs's work involves conceptual paintings, photographs and installations. He deals with romantic and individualistic conceptions of identity. The themes the artist is using in his work are often visualized through contradictions. Mikko Ijäs lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.

ANYWAY Gallery is happy to present Mikko Ijäs's new selection from the body of work titled:

The Vincent van Gogh and Walt Disney Collection, which could be described as cultural criticism, with a focus on cultural myths and fetishes. The exhibition deals with Ijäs's research about Van Goghs fame in the early 20th century in Germany, and Disneys intriguing involvement in the Second World War. The works involve representations of the cultural oddities of art history. The ideas are presented through the myths and work of van Gogh and Disney. In Ijäs's work these remarkable individuals of cultural history are examples of identity models and they work primarily as contradictory metaphors and representations of martyrdom and success. With hindsight, their identities are defined both by the exceptional artwork they produced, but also by the extraordinary lives they lived.

In Ijäs's body of work (or the collection, as Ijäs puts it) Van Gogh works as a metaphor of death, destruction and as a metaphor of museum. Disney represents a metaphor of right-winger neoliberal capitalist, who conquers the world without conscience.

Mikko Ijäs's doctoral dissertation work is titled: Artists' role: Formation of artist identity in the social construction of the artworld. The main question in the dissertation is: in what particular way do the romantic myths and stories of artists influence the formation of contemporary artist identity and what kind of consequences do these myths have on the social function of the artworld? This question deals with the formation process of the artist identity. In what way do the role/models of artists form the artist and what kind of effect do these models have on the social dynamics of the artworld? The second important issue in Ijäs's research is about the romantic myths of geniuses and the use of these myths in the use of power towards artists.

Romantic, even mythic and conceptions of tormented artistic genius are a result of extensive cultural evolution. These conceptions have developed from the thoughts about individual subject by René Descartes, whose thoughts are evolved from the pre modern human conceptions from the renaissance era. This individualistic conception of human creature does still affect the discourse: how is formed an artist identity and how do we understand the social role of an artist. Ijäs examines these individual ideas through artist identity models, which are Vincent van Gogh and Walt Disney.

Mikko Ijäs - The Vincent van Gogh and Walt Disney Collection


Galerie Anyway, Boxhagenerstr. 35, 10245 Berlin,,

Öffnungszeiten: Do-So 14-19 Uhr, Fr 9-15 Uhr Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Ausstellung am Fr 3.10.2008 geschlossen bleibt.

Verkehrsanbindung: U5 Frankfurter Tor, Samariterstraße

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