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DyeCoo Teams with DyStar for Innovative Development

Singapore, (lifePR) - DyStar® Group and DyeCoo® Textile Systems are collaborating on the development of products, using DyeCoo's breakthrough technology of substituting carbon dioxide (CO₂) for water in the dyeing process.

DyeCoo® Textile Systems is the world's first supplier of industrial CO₂ dyeing equipment, which uses recycled CO₂ gas instead of water to permeate textiles with dyes. This partnership will pave the way for more ecological products which will meet the rigorous demands of the industry.

This technology offers a huge potential to save water and energy, both of which are top priorities for the textile dyers. DyStar fully commits to this project to offer the highest sustainable solutions for the textile industry.

"We are very pleased with DyStar's dedication to support our water and chemical free dyeing technology. Collaborations like this one are key to further help our ground breaking technology towards global implementation. Seeing that the textile industry is growing exponentially, making tangible sustainable and economical viable improvements a reality are not only vital for our planet, but also for the future of the entire industry. We strive to deliver commercially viable solutions for the textile industry while continuing to develop breakthrough technologies. Companies like DyStar help us to achieve those goals" says Mats Blacker, CEO DyeCoo.

DyStar and DyeCoo are dedicated advocators for sustainability and are aligned in the vision to reduce the textile industry's future environmental impact.


DyeCoo is the world's first supplier of water and process chemical free dyeing technology on industrial scale. Its revolutionary CO₂-based dyeing process makes dyeing sustainable, efficient and profitable. The technology is characterized by using zero water and zero process chemicals. It uses ~50% less energy with > 25 % higher productivity. Reducing operating costs by ~45%.

Dyeing textile has always used water-based technologies. Large amount of water are needed and remain polluted at the end of the process. The textile industry was actually responsible for 20% of global water pollution. Imagine what kind of global effect a technological break-through in textile could have. The bigger the problem, the bigger the impact of a smart, creative solution. That's what drives the ambitions and innovations at DyeCoo. The technology uses reclaimed CO₂ as dyeing medium in a closed loop beam dyeing system - recycling 95% of the used CO₂ after each batch. CO₂-based technology, now focused on dyeing polyesters, has already been embraced by A-list brands, governments and designers. And with good reason. Why wouldn't you want to reduce costs and increase sustainability? It's not just about being more responsible; it's about a game-changing technology creating better results across the board. Even the end product is better thanks to more evenly distributed dye with intense, vibrant colors as a result. DyeCoo technology is lean. DyeCoo technology is clean. DyeCoo needs to become the standard in textile dyeing across the globe.

DyStar Colours Distribution GmbH

DyStar® Group is a solution provider, offering customers across the globe a complete range of colorants, auxiliaries and services. The DyStar Group has offices, competence centers, agencies and production plants in over 50 countries to ensure the availability of expertise in all important markets. With a heritage of more than a century of product development and innovation for the textile and leather industry, DyStar has developed into new markets and now in addition serves the paper, plastic and many other specialty chemical industries.

DyStar's service division assist Brands & Retailers and their Industry partners from their first inspiration throughout the entire supply chain to ensure that they meet stringent quality and ecological specifications, reduce costs and shorten lead times. The service division offers state of the art color communication through CSI, textile and ecology testing through Texanlab, ecology and environmental advice, supply chain auditing and consulting for RSL compliant sustainable processes through Sustainable Textile Solutions programs.

The DyStar econfidence® program provides assurance that provided products comply with legal, voluntary and brand & retailer RSL (Restricted Substance List) requirements. It is an assurance that our products are in compliance with chemical and environmental legislation in each market in which they are sold.

Visit www.DyStar.com for more information.

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