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The future of loyalty programmes is digital


Bern, (lifePR) - PostFinance always takes into account the interests of consumers and companies. In this vein, it will be launching ProfitApp on 9 February 2015. The app will be the first loyalty programme for smartphones which can be used in both high street retailers and online shops.

It is always good when customers keep coming back, and this is why loyalty programmes are very popular in the business world. Seventy percent of consumers would like to be able to manage their loyalty cards directly on their smartphones. At the same time, customer retention is an important success factor for companies. Yet physical loyalty cards are being used much less than most market players would wish. An oversized wallet, forgotten loyalty cards: who is not familiar with such scenarios?

For users: easy and user-friendly

For customers who are tired of the cumbersome loyalty card, there will be a digital alternative available from 9 February 2015. As of this date, ProfitApp powered by PostFinance will be available for download free of charge in the Apple Store and Android Market. ProfitApp functions on iPhones 3 and up, and on all Android smartphones. It is not necessary to have a customer relationship with PostFinance in order to use the app.

When making purchases in participating shops, customers scan a QR code with their smartphone and obtain an electronic stamp on their digital loyalty card. When the card is full, ProfitApp automatically generates a voucher for the pledged loyalty bonus.

For companies: convenient and cost-effective

With ProfitApp, modern customer retention becomes convenient and cost-effective. Companies can create and manage a fully personalized loyalty offer in just a few steps online. This allows them to decide which type of bonus they would like to reward their loyal customers with. Post-Finance specialists provide users with support for development and marketing.

Thanks to nationwide coverage in Switzerland and high economies of scale, companies run up considerably fewer costs when using ProfitApp than they would if they developed their own digital loyalty programme. Furthermore, the participating shops receive anonymized user statistics in order to measure results. Conclusions cannot be drawn about individuals based on the statistics.

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