Montag, 29. Mai 2017

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Danisco launches website for climate-friendly foods

Functional ingredients enable food manufacturers to lower their carbon load

(lifePR) (Frankfurt/Main, ) Danisco has more than 70 ways to help the food and beverage industry combat climate change by reducing carbon emissions and consumption of natural resources. All are now gathered on the new Danisco Climate Friendly website, aimed at giving manufacturers a fast route to a greener image.

As consumers express growing concern about the climate, the first products with carbon labels are appearing on supermarket shelves. Danisco's website is designed to help manufacturers find solutions that boost sustainable production within their food sector.

Climate competition

'Sustainability is becoming a competitive parameter. We can show manufacturers how to make direct savings in resource consumption using our ingredients,' says Jesper Kampp, Group Manager at Danisco.

The website guides food manufacturers to relevant opportunities within five climate-friendly categories - those that reduce energy, water or raw material consumption and those that enable material substitution and waste reduction.

See all Danisco's climate-friendly solutions at:

Targeted solutions Among the solutions for the dairy industry, the website highlights FoodPro® Cleanline, a unique enzyme that reduces the number of cleaning cycles required in UHT milk processing. This eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals, reduces water consumption and, to cap it all, boosts processing capacity by up to 15%.

CREMODAN® IcePro is another example, as its special functionality cancels out the need for an energy-swallowing hardening tunnel in ice cream production. Others include GRINDSTED® Carrageenan, for lower-temperature caramel production, and GRINDSTED® Meatline, which creates the desired texture in a meat batter without nitrogen or carbon dioxide cooling.

Higher priority

'At Danisco, we continue to work on the development of climate-friendly ingredients. From our dialogue with customers, it is clear that climate change has gained a higher ranking on their list of priorities,' Kampp says.

The climate focus is not restricted to ingredient functionality. To reduce packaging waste, for instance, Danisco has long delivered its coagulant enzymes for cheese production in refillable pallet tanks.

'Packaging is a major source of food industry waste, which we can help reduce by ensuring that the packaging we use is recyclable,' adds Kampp.

See all Danisco's climate-friendly solutions at:

Danisco Deutschland GmbH

With a rich and innovative portfolio, Danisco is a world leader in food ingredients, enzymes and bio-based solutions. Using nature's own materials, science and the knowledge of our 7,000 people, we design and deliver bio-based ingredients that meet market demand for healthier and safer products. Danisco's ingredients are used globally in a wide range of industries - from bakery, dairy and beverages to animal feed, laundry detergents and bioethanol - offering functional, economic and environmental benefits. Headquartered in Denmark and operating from more than 80 locations, Danisco's key focus is to become our customers' First choice and a truly market-driven global business. Find out more at

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