Freitag, 26. Mai 2017

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Training Sessions: Expand Your Specialist Knowledge with ContiTech

Practical training: Participants practice changing belts on different engines / Technical training sessions provide important background knowledge / Trainer team is growing

(lifePR) (Frankfurt, ) The ContiTech Power Transmission Group is continuously expanding its further training courses for automotive professionals. "Well-trained employees constitute an important success factor for independent workshops. Automotive mechanics must always be familiar with the latest trends in technology and expand their skills so that they can best satisfy customers' requirements. For this reason, ContiTech is heavily involved in training and offers a global service," says Helmut Engel, head of Automotive Aftermarket at the ContiTech Power Transmission Group. "We have now expanded our team of trainers in light of the heavy demand, and also offer technical trainings sessions with our experts to automotive professionals in Poland." In the past, these events were organized jointly with TÜV Poland. In the coming year, the ContiTech trainer team is set to grow further so that the company can offer training sessions in Russia and the neighboring Russian-speaking countries as well.

ContiTech's range of training courses covers technical as well as practical training. In the technical training session, which lasts around three hours, experts share their specialist knowledge regarding drive belts and belt drive components. Participants learn a lot about belts: How to handle them correctly, the distinguishing characteristics of a belt drive, and what is likely to cause them damage in vehicles. They also share specialist knowledge regarding belt profiles and materials, components such as torsional vibration dampers and overrunning alternator pulleys and the use of special tools. The training sessions can be booked from anywhere in the world. In the practical training, the participants can practice changing belts on different engines and gain experience with the relevant tools. In the theoretical part, the ContiTech experts share additional knowledge about drive belts and belt drive components.

ContiTech organizes both training programs in cooperation with dealerships. Workshops can sign up for these courses at their dealers. Further information is also available on the Internet at

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