Mittwoch, 24. Mai 2017

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Revised: The new Carlsson web site with “Wheel Machine“

(lifePR) (Merzig, ) .
- Carlsson has a new web presence
- Faster, well arranged and even more customer-friendly
- NEW: "Wheel Machine"
- Complete accessory and sport programme for Mercedes-Benz automobiles

The automobile manufacturer Carlsson has improved its web presence with an extensive re-launch. The visitors profit from numerous advancements. The web site is now even faster and offers a better overview by a menu navigation system that was developed according to the Eye/Hand Analysis method by the University of London. Modernised menus render a logical, customer-friendly navigation and the desired information can be retrieved within seconds.

On the Carlsson web site, customers are now able to see the complete Carlsson tuning & styling programme for Mercedes-Benz; aerodynamics, suspension kits, light alloy wheels and performance kits. The desired Carlsson product for the individual car can be retrieved by a single click. The completely new "Wheel Machine" is another novelty. This elaborate new feature enables the visitor to virtually "fit" Carlsson light alloy wheels to his car and allow them to see which design looks the best. The "Wheel Machine" from Carlsson also offers an option to "lower" the car and give a picture of the sporty look that can be achieved by lowering the suspension.

The revised download area of the new Carlsson web site also offers more customer orientation. All videos can be viewed with a flash player that is integrated in the web browser and therefore no additional video plug-in is necessary.

For more information about the exclusive refining programme for Mercedes-Benz automobiles, please visit our web site: .

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