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Automobilia Ladenburg Auctions in the Automuseum Dr. Carl Benz

(lifePR) (Ladenburg, ) On 16th and 17th November 2018, the auction took place in the beautiful environment of the car museum in Ladenburg for the very first time.

With 3 auction catalogues and a total of 4,396 lots, the items on offer in the big autumn auction were more than diverse.

More than 1,000 bidders from home and abroad took an active part in the auction and bought up more than 80% of the lots. Even before the auction started, it was clear that the special catalogues of "Alfa Romeo Collection Stefano d'Amico" and "Italian only" would meet with great interest.

On the first day of the auction, many lots achieved top prices. Lot number 3, for example, the colour cards with a total of 19 paint samples for Horch cars from the 1930s, quickly raced from €120 to €1,500. There were also numerous highlights in the area of sales catalogues and brochures, including an original sales catalogue for motor vehicles from Darracq dating from 1899, which went for €1,700 from a starting price of a mere €120.

The first issues of the Porsche in-house magazine Christophorus ensured a bidding war, just as in the auction in May. The results are, therefore, possibly recordbreaking: the first edition from 1952 sold for €3,600, and the second for €3,500.

The original race suit worn by Siegfried Rauch in the cult movie "Le Mans", which also starred Steve McQueen, exceeded expectations and reached a top bid of €35,000.

The lot included the crash helmet, the steering wheel of the Ferrari 512S and several personal letters from McQueen to Siegfried Rauch. Whether these memorabilia will be made available to a broad public is something we can only hope for.

Numerous photos and photo albums relating to automotive and racing history again achieved top prizes: an original cabinet card from 1894 showing Ferdinand Porsche with one of his first inventions - namely an electrical wiring system for his parents' house - was sold for €1,500. The photo albums of the Monaco Grand Prix from the years 1930-1933 achieved prices between €2,400 and €3,500. A black and white photo showing Helmut Polensky's Porsche 356 at the 1952 Rome-Liege Rome Rally was sold for €880.

Hand-signed autograph cards and photos were also in great demand again: besides a black and white photo of the 1937 championship celebrations signed by Giuseppe Farina, which its new owner thought was worth €1,800, the signed photos of Prince Don Rodolfo del Drago (Mercedes Benz SSK), Philippe Étancelin in a Talbot and Ignazio Giunti went for between €850 and €1,800.

The first day of the auction ended with lot number 3300 at 9.30 p.m. local time. In the last area of the first day, which included numerous decorative objects as well as plaques, giveaways, cases, cups and a lot more, there were unique pieces such as a large porcelain model from 1908 representing a Mercedes Simplex with two passengers; the 46 cm large sculpture went for €4,300.

On the second day of the auction, the first of the 3 auction catalogues came to an end by 3 p.m. But before that point, a lot of rarities were offered. Here, as expected, spare parts were once again the focus of the bidders' attention: the Porsche 906 engine with the engine number 906-137 was sold for €265,000; the very good result for the drive unit of the Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 (€45,000) almost seems cheap in comparison. The original motor housing of the 904 prototype with the chassis number 904-003 reached as much as €40,000.

Then they started with the special catalogues. As expected, the 250 lots of the Stefano d'Amico collection received offers from numerous bidders from all over Europe and overseas. Many lots exceeded the limit by quite a bit. For example, one collection relating to the Alfa Romera 8C racing car had a starting price of €1,500, but bids rose until it was sold for €5,000. The 1:5 scale models of the Alfa Romeo racing cars of the Tipo 33 were worth between €14,000-16,000 in the end. Only a handful of articles didn't find any interested buyers; in the meantime, almost all of them have been sold in the post-auction sale.

The second special catalogue called "Italian Only" dealt -

as the name already implies - solely with manufacturers from Italy. This catalogue contained all the premium Italian brands such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lancia, Lamborghini, etc. Here is a small selection with results:

Lot 6284 - RICARDO RODRIGUEZ signed large format black and white photo, dated September 1957, Ricardo Rodriguez after his first international success - Riverside on 550 RS Spyder...result €1,900;

Lot 6383 - FERRARI leaflet Ferrari 166 Inter/Sport/Corsa, 6 pages, 1st Ferrari brochure ever printed, result €4,400;

Lot 6556 - ALBERTO ASCARI / SCUDERIA FERRARI World Cup Year 1952, mixed lot of 2 winner's trophies No. 1 for 1st place at the Grand Prix de France, 27 April 1952 "Coupe de Ville de Marseille", Ascari in a Ferrari 500, result €3,000;

Lot 6600 - ALFA ROMEO 1948 to 1951, lithographed company logo, 87 cm in diameter, result €4,000

6656 - Scuderia Ferrari Original black and white photo of Testi, Alfa Romeo 6C 1500, published in the Scuderia Ferrari yearbook "3 Anni di Corse"; 18 cm x 13 cm, rarity, result €3,600

6652 - Ferrari/Clemente Biondetti Hand-signed winner card (postcard) Mille Miglia 1949, Clemente Biondetti in a Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta Touring, result €2,800

The results of the auction can be found on this website: