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The innovative and the proven: APG|SGA launches 2013 out-of-home product line

Genève 6, (lifePR) - APG|SGA has opened bookings and published its pocket planner for the 2013 «year of the poster», again presenting many new offerings and services while also holding fast to the tried and true. APG|SGA's new PosterPlus smartphone app provides access to information on over 60,000 poster sites anytime and anywhere. Supply side initiatives include further expansion of the successful Premium Branding product range, the launch of new network products such as F4 Double-Tall and integration of new Rollingstars into the existing offerings at top sites in Berne. Long-term poster campaigns can now be booked for variable durations, and the early booking discount programme introduced last year and the popular sliding-scale campaign discounts will continue.

APG|SGA's booking window for the first half of 2013 opens on 8 October 2012. Advertisers who book within the first eight weeks will get a 10% early booking discount on the gross price for most network bookings. The PosterPlus app now offers the ability to plan and book advertising on the go for a true «out-of-home-like» experience. Along with the smartphone solution, APG|SGA is also presenting a whole series of new, attractive poster products and complementary services. Together with increasing mobility and a growing population, these new options will once again help make 2013 a «year of the poster».

- An additional 25 Rollingstars will be added to the existing offering at absolute top locations in Berne at the start of 2013. New city series and local packages along with many other products continue to make APG|SGA the clear leader in the capital city.
- In Zurich, Switzerland's biggest city, «Premium Branding Waiting Zone Zurich» is expanding the Premium range by adding 50 F200L faces at busy tram stops and attractive town squares, guaranteeing exclusive high-impact presentations with perfect interaction.
- Long-term poster campaigns can now be booked for variable durations (12 to 48 weeks). Prices are prorated based on annual pricing. Faces in tourist centres not included.
- A new F4 strategy will include optimizing the F4 networks and creating new city series. In addition, the new F4 Double-Tall network product consisting of two stacked F4 faces is being launched in Lausanne and Basel, presenting an opportunity for new creative designs.
- The popular «APG|SGA Profitline» remains available unchanged and now includes the «APG|SGA Carline» product, aimed at drivers as a mobile target audience.

Pricing and terms
- The 10% early booking discount (for bookings made by 30 November 2012) and the popular sliding-scale campaign discount remain unchanged, as does the rest of the terms and conditions structure.
- Annual pricing is likewise unchanged. The price for the Premium Citystar 200L Big5 networks will go up by 10%. Otherwise, with the exception of certain F4 products and the Traffic, Airport, Mountain and Mega Poster segment brands, there will be an across-the-board 0.8% price increase for APG|SGA's poster products.

- PosterPlus, APG|SGA's newly designed free app, lets smartphone and tablet users find over 60,000 poster sites, look up services and prices, submit enquiries and read news.
- Shortcut lets APG|SGA clients enter into a direct dialogue with consumers. This smartphone app turns poster campaigns into an interactive experience, providing access to valuable additional information and services. In the new SmartLink and SmartAd products, APG|SGA clients have different exclusive standardized solutions that can be easily implemented in any poster campaign.
- With the new APG|SGA Out of Home Targeting services, you can place messaging along major distribution channels throughout Switzerland. In collaboration with AFO Marketing, the service offers a new centralized database of current location coordinates to enable pinpoint, audience-targeted space selection. Selection can also be made by queue position.
- The methodology of the PPI Poster Performance Index, an exclusive APG|SGA post test, has been redesigned so that valid surveys can also be conducted outside Berne and Lausanne, previously the only cities available for testing.

Information and details on 2013 APG|SGA target territories, products and pricing as well as all innovations are collected in the revised and reorganized Pocket Planner. The planner also contains basic information about the Airport, Traffic, Mega Poster and Mountain segment brand products, making it a comprehensive Out of Home Media planning tool. It is available in ePaper format in several languages at The details of all other APG|SGA news and offers are also available at

APG|SGA, Allgemeine Plakatgesellschaft AG

APG|SGA, Allgemeine Plakatgesellschaft AG, is Switzerland's leading outdoor advertising company. Specializing in digital and analogue poster products at busy locations in the street, in railway stations and shopping centres and at points of interest, APG|SGA together with its complementary Airport, Mega Poster, Mountain and Traffic segment brands is here for all your outdoor advertising needs. Our name stands for quality and tradition combined with innovation. Over 550 employees ensure a lasting impression in dealings with your customers, local government and the advertising industry. With great care, environmental responsibility and precision, our people maintain display spaces and poster campaigns throughout Switzerland.

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