Mittwoch, 21. März 2018

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The Knights of the Round Table

Mellikon, (lifePR) - The pocket size conference room. Just forget that complicated, annoying turning and rotating of laptops. PresenTable allows each participant to connect his or her computer to the wall-fixed screen. The easy way for presentations. Additionally the wall is magnetic and serves as a writable board for short memos. A further advantage: with its height of 1.60m the wall provides separate zones and gives a certain noise protection and some privacy.

Flexibility of the level - PresenTable is versatile in standing and sitting activities. PresenTable integrated into the wall rail system saves space and may be adapted for either sitting or standing conferences. Documents thereby are at hand in the suspended racks.

PresenTable distinguishes itself with purism and classiness. The right framework is achieved with an elegant anodised aluminium profile. The small high pressure laminated table top is scratchproof and with its depth of 100cm provides sufficient space for good thoughts and bright ideas. The wall comes either in a chalk or whiteboard surface. "PresenTable" - your tool for collaborative projects and developments. design: greutmann-bolzern, zürich

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