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Aberdeen Germany Awarded Top Rating For Its Property Investment Process

Telos rating agency studied the property investment process of Aberdeen Asset Management Germany and awarded a rating of AAA-

Frankfurt am Main, (lifePR) - Aberdeen Asset Management Germany achieved a AAA- rating for its property investment process by Wiesbaden-based Telos rating agency.

The property investment process adopted by Aberdeen forms the basis for managing all of the property funds run by the German arm of Aberdeen. The investment process is a disciplined and structured work flow combined with integrated risk management with particular focus on client-specific risk profiles and requirements. All of the process steps associated with allocation, selection, asset management, and all qualitative and quantitative controls are defined within the investment process and uniformly implemented.

The German arm of Aberdeen places particular importance on the process of making investment decisions as a team. This principle drives every single step in the investment process, such as purchases and sales of properties, but also the structuring of the portfolio. Telos highlighted the local presence of Aberdeen in 23 countries (14 within Europe) as a particular strength, together with the involvement of all management levels in the investment process, in keeping with its group philosophy of "people on the ground". Telos felt that this approach produced acknowledged investment competence, an effective decision-making process, and a very good result in the property investment process.

The property investment process of Aberdeen is based on a combination of bottom-up and top-down analysis, which benefits from property research conducted by the entire Aberdeen Group. The investment philosophy is largely driven by the conviction that returns in the asset class can be directly influenced by actively managing the property assets. Telos rates Aberdeen's presence on all of the relevant real estate markets as a key competitive advantage. Just as the German arm looks after all the transactions and performs all asset management tasks in the German marketplace for the entire Group, so the Aberdeen teams elsewhere perform the same duties for the German team's non-German activities.

Aberdeen offers a comprehensive range of different investment products and various property-related services. Since 2009, German Aberdeen Immobilien KAG has been successfully expanding its special property investment fund business - BVI currently ranks Aberdeen second in terms of net inflows to this type of product.

According to Dr. Hartmut Leser, Head of Aberdeen's German operations: "The stringent process guideline with all its associated organizational structures is one side of the coin. The other - which is crucial for producing a sustainable competitive advantage - is our team approach. We don't have any star researchers or star managers making decisions. Everyone contributes to the best of their ability. In doing so, we never follow any trends that might happen to be fashionable at any particular moment in time, let alone any me-too strategies; instead we adopt a long-term approach that is quite frequently anti-cyclical. Another important factor is that decisions are made by the team as a whole, and with a long-term perspective. The smooth interaction of all the cogs enables complex decisions to be made and implemented that are both fast and particularly well-founded. Our success special property investment funds and clients shows just how well positioned we are. The Telos rating is the ultimate accolade for our team."

Aberdeen Asset Management Deutschland AG

Aberdeen Asset Management is a pure asset management company that has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 1991 (and included among the FTSE-100 companies since 2012). Aberdeen invests globally in the four main asset classes of equities, bonds, real estate and alternative investments on behalf of its clients. Nowadays the company and its more than 1,900 employees in 23 countries manage assets of about 232 billion euros, of which 24 billion euros are invested in property (as of 31 August 2012).

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