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aap announces outlook for 2015: Further strong trauma sales growth anticipated with LOQTEQ®

Berlin, (lifePR) - aap Implantate AG aims to continue implementing its growth strategy in financial year 2015. The company plans growth in the trauma sector in particular, with the LOQTEQ® product family continuing to be seen as the main driver of this development. For the full year 2015 the Management Board anticipates trauma sales growth by 20% to 25% to between EUR 14.8 million and EUR 15.4 million. In this area aap Implantate AG is growing twice to three times faster than the global trauma market with an average growth rate of 6% to 8%. In addition sales in the biomaterials business are expected to grow by 10% contributing positively to the corporate development as well. For the company as a whole the Management Board expects sales to total between EUR 33 million and EUR 35 million. aap Implantate AG forecasts EBITDA in the financial year 2015 of between EUR 2.5 million and EUR 3.5 million.

For the first quarter of 2015 the company anticipates sales in a range of between EUR 6.5 million and EUR 7.0 million and EBITDA of between EUR -0.5 million and EUR 0.1 million. In this connection it must be mentioned that the company's economic development in the individual quarters of the financial year is expected to be in line with previous years. So the development of key financials, in sense of a holistic economical consideration, is best assessed on the basis of an annual rather than a quarterly basis. The background is that significant fluctuation can occur in both growth and profitability from one quarter to the next.

Management Agenda 2015

On the basis of the 2014 Management Agenda the aap Implantate AG Management Board has identified five action areas that have been combined to constitute the new Management Agenda for the financial year 2015: "Accelerating value-based innovation," "Enhancing market access," "Optimising operational efficiency," "Focus on trauma" and "Growth supplemented with acquisitions." The Management Agenda is intended to make the company's strategic focal points transparent so that the capital market and the general public have an even better understanding of the company's strategic alignment and its implementation.

The company still holds talks with selected strategic investors and private equity companies on a transaction for aap Biomaterials GmbH (bone cements and mixing systems and biomaterials) that is anticipated in the first quarter of 2015. In the final analysis, however, aap Implantate AG will only go ahead with a transaction if terms and conditions that reflect the right value from a comparable transaction point of view can be achieved.

aap Implantate AG plans to publish its full annual report for 2014 on March 31, 2015.

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