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With mylife(TM) pen needles, Ypsomed is expanding in Russia and Croatia through new partnerships with leading local diabetes distributors

(lifePR) (Burgdorf, ) In the last few weeks, Ypsomed has signed new distribution agreements in Russia and Croatia for the sale of pen needles. The click-on Penfine® pen needles, patented and manufactured by Ypsomed, can be used with all popular pen systems. Thanks to these newly-established partnerships with leading local diabetes distributors, who also sell blood glucose monitoring systems from Bionime, Ypsomed is expanding its presence in important markets with the new umbrella brand mylife(TM) Diabetescare.

Ypsomed launches mylife(TM) Penfine® pen needles in Russia, Croatia and additional countries

Ypsomed will be launching its click-on pen needles, which are patented and manufactured in Switzerland, as quickly as possible in Russia and Croatia under the new umbrella brand mylife(TM) Diabetescare. Simon Michel, Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales, is delighted: "With the new umbrella brand mylife(TM) Ypsomed wants to expand geographically in diabetes care. Through these new distribution contracts with Alpha-Medica in Russia and Salvus d.o.o. in Croatia we are extending our market presence for mylife(TM) pen needles in important markets."

With Alpha-Medica, Ypsomed has found a strong partner in Russia, one that is already well established in the diabetes business, and that has been successfully selling the blood glucose monitoring system from Bionime since 2006. Alpha-Medica, founded in 1996 and with its headquarters in Moscow, operates across the country with more than 100 employees and its own subsidiaries in the nine largest cities. In Croatia, Ypsomed will be working together with Salvus d.o.o. as the distributor for the mylife(TM) Penfine® pen needles. Salvus d.o.o. employs 25 people and has seven of its own drug stores and retail shops. Since 2002 it has successfully sold various medical products in Croatia for daily use, especially for diabetes, and it has likewise been selling the Bionime blood glucose monitoring system since the beginning of 2006. Salvus d.o.o. is looking to grow even more in the area of diabetes care and expand its offering with additional mylife(TM) Diabetescare products. In the current business year, Ypsomed has signed distribution agreements in Australia, Morocco Tunisia and Ukraine, as well as in Italy and Greece. In Italy, Bioseven Srl is active in all regions of the country and sees the mylife(TM) Penfine® pen needles as the ideal complement to its existing portfolio of diabetes products, which also includes, among others, the Bionime blood glucose monitoring system. Finally, starting in March 2010, Ypsomed will be represented nationwide in Greece by Karabinis Medical SA. Founded in 1967, Karabinis Medical SA does business throughout Greece. In the future, besides marketing the mylife(TM) Penfine® pen needles, it will also market the mylife(TM) Pura(TM) blood glucose monitoring system.

Further information is available from Daniel Kusio, Head of Investor & Public Relations at Ypsomed Holding AG, Tel. +41 34 424 41 43 or Tel. +41 34 424 41 11. This media release, as well as additional information, is available in electronic form at (

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