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Turkish Airlines nine month net profit 304 million USD

Turkish Airlines nine month 2009 consolidated financial statements were reported to Istanbul Stock Exchange

(lifePR) (Istanbul, ) According to the reported financial statements, sales revenue decreased by 11 percent, reaching 3 billion 225 million USD. Turkish Airlines operating profit stood at 389 million USD, a 5 percent increase compared to the same period in 2008. However, due to the fall on tangible assets caused by the global recession and its effects on the global aviation sector, net profit dropped by 27 percent to 476 million TL. If the fall on valuation of tangible assets is not taken into considiration for both periods, then the net profit will point to 544 million TL, which indicates an 88 percent increase.

During the third quarter of 2009, Turkish Airlines generated revenues totalling 2 billion 89 million TL, 17 percent more than the year before. During the same period, Turkish Airlines operating profit increased by 51 percent, reaching 450 million TL, net profit dropped by 7 percent to 374 million TL. If the fall on tangible assets is not taken into considiration for both periods, then the net profit will point to 422 million TL, which indicates a 32 percent increase.

In parallel to the sales revenue, the upward growth trend in traffic results continued during the nine months of 2009. The number of passengers carried increased by 10 percent, to 18 million 635 thousand, cargo and mail carried increased by 9 percent to 162 thousand tons. Available seat kilometers (ASK) increased by 21 percent, while revenue per kilometer (RPK) climbed 14 percent. As a result, the passenger load factor declined by 4 percentage points from the previous year, to 70.9 percent.

The aviation sector is still exposed to the effects on the ongoing global financial crisis. In such a difficult environment,Turkish Airlines' positive operational and financial results are a true indicator of our Management's right strategic decisions and implemantations. The global aviation sector witnessed sharp declines in traffic results and unit revenues. However, Turkish Airlines' nine month operating profit surpassed the previous year's figures, despite the boost made in capacity.

Based on the fact that, Turkish Airlines was listed on the The MSCI Index, which was released on November 11, 2009, we can conclude that Turkish Airlines' increasing operational standards is a reflection on the financial markets as well.

Turkish Airlines carries out its operations with commitment, to achive its goals.


This English-language media release is provided for information purposes only; reliance should only be placed for all statutory and regulatory and other purposes on the original Turkish language version alone.

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