Samstag, 22. Oktober 2016

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GEA Tuchenhagen will present different process components at BRAU Beviale

(lifePR) (Büchen, ) The range will comprise VARIVENT® mixproof and single seat valve types, cleaning devices of our VARIPURE® program, features of our T.VIS®valve information system, now available with a new positioner, and the self-priming GEA Tuchenhagen®-VARIFLOW centrifugal pump series TPS.

Last but not least we will present a new, smart valve series of GEA Tuchenhagen - from butterfly valves to mixproof valve types.

Here the focus of some products:

VARIPURE® cleaning devices: a complete range with static, rotating and orbital cleaners Small vessels up to large tanks with a diameter of 27m can be cleaned. The cleaners operate in a pressure range from 0,5 up to 90 bar, and a flow rate of 0,5 m³/h up to 67 m³/h. The available number of cleaner variants can be adjusted precisely to the predominant type of soiling and to defined cleaning cycles.

T.VIS® P-20 - the new positioner

This product range, so far available for the well-known VARIVENT® modulating control valve, has been completed by the T.VIS® P-20 positioner.

For control loops in which, so far, a modulating control valve with a sophisticated positioner was too costly in terms of labor and time, we now offer a cost-effective and economical alternative to the previously known modulating control valves (with control cone as an option).

Self-priming GEA Tuchenhagen®-VARIFLOW centrifugal pump series TPS

The new TPS series conveys products containing a large amount of gas. It is characterized by a low sound power level, high efficiency and optimal cleaning properties. This TPS series also permits evacuation of pipes on the suction side - just one pump only for CIP return and product conveying. The new TPS series is used for CIP return applications, for emptying tanks as well as for conveying products containing gas. The complete GEA Tuchenhagen program of normal-priming and self-priming centrifugal pumps comprises of ten different types in total, fine tuned in their range of performance.

We exhibit at BRAU Beviale in Nuremberg, 12 - 14 November 2008,
GEA Tuchenhagen in Hall 7, Stand No. 618

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