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Oldest FRITSCH ROLLFIX is 49 years old

Pizza baker Uwe Hug will receive a brand new ROLLFIX 600 from FRITSCH

(lifePR) (Markt Einersheim, ) FRITSCH has produced more than 30,000 ROLLFIX dough sheeting machines over the years and sold them to customers the world over. On the occasion of the fiftieth birthday celebration of this bake shop classic, the boys and girls in Markt Einersheim set out to find the oldest one of its kind still faithfully performing its daily tasks. To this end, they held a contest, with a brand new ROLLFIX 600 going to the winner, the owner of the oldest machine. More than 100 ROLLFIX bakers from in and outside of Germany took part in the contest. From as far away as Rumania and the USA, contestants submitted photographs of the type plates on their aged machines in the hopes that they might be the winners of such a practical prize. Others made it perfectly clear, however, that they had no interest whatsoever in turning in their tried-and-trusted old timer for a new one.

Nevertheless, the one who hit the bull's eye in the end was a ROLLFIX owner who himself has only recently begun to wear a baker's cap professionally: Uwe Hug, formerly active as a management consultant and now for the last few weeks the leader of Pizza Team Offingen, a pizza and catering service in the area around Günzburg/Dillingen. The pizza bakers that Hug had recruited for his ten-man team were convinced that FRITSCH, in general, and the ROLLFIX, in particular for dough sheeting, was the way to go. So he hit the road in search of a good used machine. His journey ended in Bamberg -- not, as one might expect, in a bake shop, but at a scrap yard. It's a 1960 model and, as such, 49 years old and one of the first machines of its type ever to leave the FRITSCH production line. Although its previous owner had considered it ready for the junk yard, the old ROLLFIX was still in good enough shape for Hug -- with a little help from FRITSCH Service and a lot of individual effort -- to get it up and running quickly.... and for the jury to justify presenting it as the oldest and still fully operational ROLLFIX that we know of today. Still, Mr. Hug was visibly pleased when Karl-Heinz Hinkelmann presented him with a brand spanking new ROLLFIX 600 at the IBA 2009 in September. For even if the "old" ROLLFIX is still quite capable of doing its job, the new, electronically controlled ROLLFIX -- replete with the automatic functionality that makes doughsheeting today such a breeze -- has made the Offingen pizza bakers very happy.

And put a lot of wind in the sails of a fresh bakery start-up.

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