Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2017

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Earlybird closes new fund with 127 million Euros

(lifePR) (Hamburg/Munich, ) Earlybird today announces the final closing of its new fund Ealrybird IV. Investors from Germany, the US, Asia and the Middle East committed 127 million Euros towards the early stage financing of young, innovative companies.

Dr. Hendrik Brandis, Managing Partner of Earlybird, comments: "We are proud that we have managed to close a strong new fund in the current market environment. This is a proof for our successful work in the past together with the management teams of our portfolio companies. We are delighted that we were able to convince many institutional investors of our investment strategy."

Earlybird also managed to win a considerable number of new institutional investors for Earlybird IV. Leading international investors like Osaka Gas, Procific and the European Investment Fund (EIF) committed to the third fund generation as well as German investors such as VCM and the KfW. "The Earlybird team has proven that they are able to achieve outstanding returns even under difficult conditions. The European Venture Capital market now offers better opportunities than ever for an experienced investor like Earlybird", says Dr. Andreas Wilde, Managing Director and Partner at VCM Capital Management, a German fund of funds and VC investor in Munich.

With the new fund, Earlybird will continue its successful investment approach and invest in fast growing companies in major international markets. The investment focus is on innovative companies within the software, semi-conductor technology, information and communication technology, internet based services, cleantech and medtech sectors.

Over the past months, Earlybird IV has already invested in the following companies: Clean Mobile (Germany), Light Blue Optics (UK), Miracor (Austria), Purple Labs (France), Sidec (Sweden), smava (Germany) und smoodoos (Germany).

Earlybird Venture Capital GmbH & Co. KG

Earlybird Venture Capital was established in 1997 and is one of the most successful European venture investors. Currently, Earlybird manages over 400 million Euros of assets for more than 20 international investors. Earylbird invests in innovative, fast growing companies with outstanding management teams and high growth potential on international markets.

Earlybird's investment focus is on innovative companies within the sectors software, semi-conductor technology, information and communication technology, internet based services, cleantech and medtech. Earlybird's portfolio includes more than 21 companies in seven countries (Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, USA, Italy and Spain). Since inception Earlybird has invested in more than 55 companies.

Earlybird supports and accelerates entrepreneurial success. As one of the leading early stage venture capital investors in Europe, Earlybird offers entrepreneurs profound experience in setting up young businesses and supporting companies from the cradle to profitability: Earlybird does not only offer capital in the start-up-phase but also supports financing in later growth phases.

Within two years, six of Earlybird's technology companies have floated on various European stock exchanges: Interhyp, Tipp24 and Wilex, Esmertec, Entelos and NoemaLife. Interhyp alone returned fifty times its original investment. In addition to that, Earlybird supported element 5 in its acquisition by Digital River, Identify in its acquisition by BMC Software, Alantos in its sale to Amgen, AbaXX in its sale to Cordys, amaxa to Lonza and dooyoo in the sale to LeGuide.

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