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Water Pump Kits from ContiTech Giving Workshops Reliability

2012Extensive range of complete solutions / Continuous expansion of product range / Timing belts and water pumps in OEM quality

(lifePR) (Hannover, ) The ContiTech Power Transmission Group is banking on complete kits, which include a water pump in addition to the timing belt and the tensioning and guide pulleys. The range is being continuously expanded. "The water pump should, just like the tensioning and deflection pulleys, also be replaced when the timing belt is changed," emphasizes Markus Pirsch, Head of Marketing Service at the ContiTech Power Transmission Group. "Only in this way can you ensure that the system works perfectly - to the satisfaction of the customer."

If the water pump quits working after the pulleys and belt have been replaced during an inspection, the driver has to pay for all of the damage alone. The workshop should inform the motorist of this risk. Correct functioning of the water pump is important. It transports the coolant through the engine's water circuit, thus ensuring a uniform operating temperature. A faulty water pump quickly causes large-scale damage, from an overheated engine or a damaged drive wheel to damage to the timing belt. In the worst-case scenario, this can cause the engine to fail.

In addition, the kits from ContiTech provide workshops with the advantage that they do not have to order parts individually, and the parts are exactly tuned to each other. This simplifies the administrative tasks involved in processing and receiving goods, and offers security. The customer also receives technical support from a single source, only one storage location is required for several elements and replacing all drive system components in a single work step makes good economic sense. As is true of all ContiTech products, all parts of the water pump kit will be of OEM quality for the automotive aftermarket as well.

With its more than 100 water pump kits, the company covers over 90% of all important applications in which the timing belt drives the water pump. Comprehensive information about the vehicle applications can be found on the portals for workshops and dealerships at The online catalog is available at, and the Product Information Center (PIC) is available at The complete packages are also listed in TecDoc, the digital information system that supplies the vehicle replacement parts market and workshops with comprehensive data for purchasing purposes.

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