Samstag, 03. Dezember 2016

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ContiTech Expands Product Range of Drive Components

2012Range of torsional vibration dampers and overrunning alternator pulleys expanded / Tools available for the assembly of overrunning alternator pulleys / Video shows installation, step by step

(lifePR) (Frankfurt, ) The ContiTech Power Transmission Group is expanding its product range for torsional vibration dampers and overrunning alternator pulleys. In addition to an expanded range of components, the company already offers customers in the Automotive Aftermarket a suitable tool set for installing overrunning alternator pulleys.

The TOOL BOX OAP contains different alternator socket wrench sets for installing overrunning alternator pulleys, and is suitable for all vehicles. "We always want to offer the workshop that extra special something in terms of service. What that means for us: When we launch a new product onto the market, we check what sort of accessories would also be suitable for it," declares Markus Pirsch, head of Marketing Service Automotive Aftermarket at the ContiTech Power Transmission Group. In a new product video, experts from ContiTech take the user through each step in changing a product professionally with tools. This video can be accessed on the ContiTech website at or on the Internet portal YouTube (key word: TOOL BOX OAP).

Overrunning alternator pulleys and alternator decouplers absorb the vibrations caused by rotational irregularities of the crankshaft in auxiliary unit drives. This prevents noises from arising and ensures an optimum service life for the belt drive components. Torsional vibration dampers absorb the crankshaft's vibrations, thereby protecting the drive belts and assemblies. In the case of torsional vibration damper isolators (TVDi), the belt drive of the auxiliary units is also decoupled.

ContiTech offers the drive components in original quality and perfectly adapted to its V-ribbed belts. Users can find detailed information about the individual articles in the online service Product Information Center (PIC) at

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