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2009 Group results of C-QUADRT Investment AG

(lifePR) (Vienna/Frankfurt, ) .
- Operating income: EUR 37.7 million (2008: EUR 31.0 million; +22%)
- Operating profit (EBITDA): EUR 4.2 million (2008: EUR 0.3 million; +1.185%)
- Pre-tax profit (EBT): EUR 4.1 million (2008: EUR -3.4 million)
- Net profit: EUR 5.7 million (2008: EUR -12.2 million)
- Group equity ratio: 72.6% (2008: 57.9%, +25.4%)

C-QUADRAT Investment AG achieved an impressive return to profitability in 2009. In the past financial year, EUR 37.7 million more in operating income was generated than in 2008 - an increase of 22%. The operating profit (EBITDA) rose to EUR 4.2 million (2008: EUR 0.3 million; +1.185%). Very satisfactory performance in the 2009 financial year is reported, with pre-tax profits at EUR 4.1 million (2008: EUR -3.4 million) and net profit at EUR 5.7 million (2008: EUR -12.2 million). The main driver of income growth was the increase in commission income from performance fees, from EUR 0.5 million in 2008 to EUR 7.6 million in fiscal 2009.

Volume growth in the Asset Management segment Contrary to the general trend in the funds industry, the volume of funds managed by C-QUADRAT in the Asset Management segment grew by 58% in 2009, from EUR 1.680 billion to EUR 2.662 billion. The resultant management fees increased in the reporting period from EUR 19.9 million to EUR 22.9 million (+15%). The total revenue-generating volumes of C-QUADRAT Investment AG amounted to EUR 4.514 billion as at 31.12.2009 (2008: EUR 3.280 billion; +37%).

Further increase in Group equity ratio The Group equity ratio showed further improvement. After a ratio of 57.9% in 2008, the figure for 2009, in accordance with IFRS, was 72.6% (+25.4%).

Fee and commission expenses, personnel expenses and other administrative expenses As a result of increased volumes in all operating segments, the fee and commission expenses of the company rose in parallel by 33.5%, from EUR 15.8 million in 2008 to EUR 21.1 million in 2009. Personnel expenses grew moderately by 3.9% to EUR 7.4 million (2008: EUR 7.2 million). Other administrative expenses were reduced substantially by 39.7% to EUR 4.1 million (2008: EUR 6.7 million).

Commenting on the company's results, Alexander Schütz, founder and Management Board member of C-QUADRAT, said "After a difficult year in 2008, we were back on track again in 2009 and turned in a very respectable performance. Thanks to the dedication and efforts of the entire C-QUADRAT team, we succeeded in reducing costs and boosting revenue. C-QUADRAT funds have received many top ratings and awards on account of their excellent performance. Just this week, C-QUADRAT was voted to be the best European asset manager of the last three years in the "Mixed Assets Small" category, thus winning the coveted "Lipper Group Award 2010". We succeeded in increasing our asset under management by 58%, contrary to the general trend in the industry. C-QUADRAT is in better shape today than before the onset of the financial crisis and is superbly positioned for the future.

The German version of the C-QUADRAT Investment AG Annual Financial Statements will be available for download at as from Wednesday, 31.3.2010. The English version will be available for download at on 12.04.2010.

C-QUADRAT Investment AG

C-QUADRAT, the fund company - is an independent asset management company with operations throughout Europe. The company was founded in 1991, has owned its own investment trust company with bank licence since 2003, has been listed since November 2006 in the Prime Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and since May 2008 in the Prime Market segment on the Vienna Stock Exchange. The C-QUADRAT team has acquired a Europe-wide reputation for its asset management and for its analysis and management of investment funds. The product range is rounded off with innovative investment strategies for institutional investors. Numerous internationally operating banks, insurance companies and financial service providers place confidence in the expertise of C-QUADRAT. As at 31.12.2009, C-QUADRAT had a total of EUR 4.5 billion of revenue-generating investment volume, EUR 2.7 billion of that total in the Asset Management segment.

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